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"She's a one-woman show that shows you only need one woman".

Well said, Ellwood! I may be playing "roots" music but I'm reaching for the sun all the time!

Another year come and gone - and with it the memories of all that has come before - adventures, surprises, sorrows, and joys. This space will not suffice the tales I have to tell but if I’ve piqued your interest I hope you’ll head over to my blog for all the news that was.

With the new year I'm looking forward to working on new music. My gig schedule over the last few years had been such that there was little time to write and create let alone record. So, I'm taking some time off this winter to do just that; write/create/record. Of course, one can’t celebrate the new year without a new song, yeh? Here’s one I wrote a few years ago and only recently recorded for just this reason… Click on this link Fiona’s Ocean for a free download or listen to it here…

There will still be the odd gig here and there over the winter as well as album updates so please make sure to sign up for my newsletter [just to the right of this message] so I may keep you updated with all the news I choose for you to peruse!

See ya when I get there!





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