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"She's a one-woman show that shows you only need one woman".

Well said, Ellwood! I may be playing "roots" music but I'm reaching for the sky!

Hello my Fine Folk,

After months of writing, re-writing, ignoring my writing and once again being inspired to write I finally have some songs for the new album. And, here’s the best part – it’s going to be a “LIVE” album!! I’m very excited to be performing at the Icehouse with some friends of mine from the Pleasure Programme to bring you a blend of re-tooled old-school and brand new songs!

Reserve your seat today for this special show on Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017

The ticket price will include some nifty perks and I’ll be letting those of you who aren’t in Minnesota know how you can be part of the fun that night with a live streaming event!

whoa…this is so 21st century…do I have to stop calling it an album? …nah… :)

Gigs will continue be a bit sparse as we prepare for the new album so please make sure to sign up for my newsletter [just to the right of this message] and I'll keep you updated with all the news I choose for you to peruse!

See ya when I get there!





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