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"She's a one-woman show that shows you only need one woman".

Well said, Ellwood! I may be playing "roots" music but I'm reaching for the sun all the time!

Summer of 2017 was - well, FAN-EFFIN-TASTIC!

The shows were incredible, the people were incredible, I played new venues, old venues and got to jam with old friends and new as well. Here's some highlights...

Spent some fun, hot, sweaty, fun days on tour in Florida, with my friends Dustin and Jamie we performed at the Live at 5 Summer Concert Series ( here's a sample of how we rocked it ), played numerous outdoor concerts including a weekend at Charlie's Irish Pub jamming with 'me mates', spent a weekend revisiting my childhood by performing with friends out at the MN Renaissance Festival (yes, I'm that geek), performed at the new Alternating Currents Festival here in Davenport and started working on the new album. Oh, sorry, did I forget to mention the new album for 2018? It's going to be spectacular...

Gigs will be a bit sparse as I prepare for the new album so please make sure to sign up for my newsletter [just to the right of this message] so I may keep you updated with all the news I choose for you to peruse!

See ya when I get there!





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